Saturday, February 7, 2015

nykeiko shops: Hugo Boss Sample Sale [February 2015 NYC Sample Sale]

I checked out the Hugo Boss sample sale this weekend. See my report for Racked NY here.

Dave happily obliged in joining me since he usually benefits from the sale as much as I do. We never went to the Hugo Boss sale at Soiffer Haskin because the prices are always significantly higher than the prices at the sales held inside the brand's headquarters. My goal was just to get in and get out for the sale report. Well, the prices are indeed higher (by a lot) and so we did not buy anything. We noticed the quality of the stuff were a bit better (maybe) since it looked like department store overstock rather than samples. Dave tried on a pair of dress shoes but for $150, he knew better. We have been to the sales held at the corporate office many times before (in 20122013 and 2014) and that's where Dave picked up Italian dress shoes for $60 and stocked up on dress shirts for work for only $45-$55 (price increase each time). The prices are so good that shoppers are given garbage bags to fill up and there are definitely hoarders/resellers who grab everything they see. But you won't see that at Soiffer Haskin. It's too classy there (and pricy).

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