Tuesday, February 24, 2015

nykeiko travels: Asia bound..soon!

(Picture of my parents taken in Hong Kong last October when Dave and I played tour guides. That was really fun!)

I booked flight tickets to Taiwan again for end of March. This time sadly, I am going sans husband but that means more alone time with my parents. Two full weeks with my daddy and mommy and a short trip to Japan in between. Mom showed me the itinerary last night. It's in Chinese. I used Google translate but still not sure how we are landing at Komatsu airport on day 1 and then doing stuff in Nagoya on day 2. I don't really care. I just know that with a tour, I don't need to worry about anything except eat, sleep and play. There will be plenty of hot springs to dip in and cherry blossoms to see. I was slightly disappointed my parents didn't choose Tokyo but hey, I can do that with Dave one day and eat all the sushi and ramen in the world then. If mama wants to dress up in a kimono and walk around an ancient village then so be it. My dad seems to be up for anything. I wonder if I should cancel my eyelash extension which I booked a week before my departure. Eyelash extensions and hot springs are a big no-no.

It was difficult for me to request two weeks off work so early on the year but at the thought of my dad turning 71 broke my heart a bit. Where did all the years go? I'm going to cherish this trip forever...

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