Tuesday, March 3, 2015

nykeiko shops: Harlem Bespoke x Sugar Hill Market ! Shop Local!

Clay bowl from Jonathan Castro and body butter from Flo & Theo. Shop local!

This past Sunday, I was planning on having one of those lazy Sundays that we all love to have but rarely do. A couple of inches of snow was expected to fall upon the city and staying indoors was the natural thing to do. I started organizing and cleaning our alcove which has been the same since we first moved in almost one year ago (woah). I also started making a nice melon soup and making a batch of tea eggs. While doing all of that, I was also eating everything in the fridge (Sandwich, leftovers, chocolates, crackers and pate, donuts...). After stuffing my face, I decided it was time for me to get out of the apartment. My plan was to drop a bag of donations at a local thrift shop and then drop by Sugar Hill Market since I have not visited a while.  See my piece on Racked NY about Sugar Hill Market here

I picked up a couple of things at the market from new vendors. I got this ceramic bowl. At first I thought we could use it for eating but then I thought that it will be perfect for planting small spiderettes from my spider plants. I also got this body butter handmade by sister duo Flo & Theo here in New York. I have been out of body lotion for a couple of months now so this is perfect. It's completely natural with no parabens and no harsh chemicals used. 

Below are some new vendors I got to meet... 

Bags and luggage designed in Harlem by Sidney and Sons 

Earrings cast from real wood branches by Izaskun Zabala Jewelry. Sterling silver or gold plated brass.

Sol Cacao 72% Madagascar cacao made in Harlem by the Maloney brothers

Handmade ceramic creations by Jonathan Castro Designs 

100% vegan artisanal skincare products by Flo+Theo

Oh and while walking back home and arriving at an intersection when the light was just turning red, I decided to cross 135th street via the underground subway station and low and behold, at the bottom of the stairs, I find $20. A woman was also standing a couple of feet away but was too busy on her phone to notice the bill. I'm guilty of always texting and walking but since it was too cold to text, I was fully aware of my surroundings and when that happens, you notice things. This time, it was a crisp $20 bill which basically paid for the grocery I picked up after visiting Sugar Hill Market. Win!

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