Wednesday, March 25, 2015

nykeiko wears: New stacking bling rings

My mom bought herself and all of her daughters a demi pavé diamond ring duo. One in rose gold and another in white gold. Here is my rose gold one stacked with my wedding band (which is also rose gold) and the stack of rings I have worn every day of my life since my collegiate days (usually on my right hand though but I've been mixing it up since I got my wedding band). I bought the rings from a local shop in Montreal and the jewelry brand was called The Right Hand Gal. This is over a decade ago and I'm not sure if they are still in business due to the empty content on their website. The ring  (from Noi NY) on my middle finger is part of a stackable trio too but it was too difficult to wear all three with my engagement ring.

I have an explanation for my glittery nails (even though there is no need for one). Earlier this week, I joined one of my mom's neighbor's afternoon get-together. A bunch of retired 40-60 year old ladies (plus my mom who is in the age 65+ category now) got together in the apartment next door and sipped on some coffee or tea, ate delicious desserts, made homemade dumplings and one of the ladies was offering to paint some nails. It was like a daytime sleepover party I have never been to. They heard I was in town so naturally insisted that I join them and get my nails done. To my surprise, my mom also got her nails done. She has really persistent friends. For the entirety of my conscious life, this is the first time I have ever seen my mom with nail polish on her cute little fingernails. I took a ton of pictures and videos to commemorate this event. She probably secretly hated it because she always warms me about the toxic ingredients inside nail polish that are bad for me and how I should never use it (I also never listen). But it looks like she made an exception that day and so we now have matching rings and nail polish (appropriately for my mom, minus the glitters).

My nails with glitters chipped off after two days...possibly ingested some. Omg I need to wax my probably didn't notice my little hair until I mentioned it though right?

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