Saturday, April 25, 2015

nykeiko plays: Cherry blossoming in Central Park

Look! Cherry blossoms in Central Park. My sister was visiting and on her last day, we grabbed lunch at Shake Shack and afterwards, we took a stroll together in the park seeking the blossoms. We found lots of magnolia flowers behind the Metropolitain museum and it was only walking towards my work from 90th street to 96th street where we found a path (Bridle path) decked out with cherry blossoms. All of them have bloomed and are quietly fading away but we were pretty happy we caught the peak of it. It was a hot but breezy afternoon to take a stroll.

magnolia flowers behind the Met
cherry blossom trees lining the Bridle path by 90th street


  1. Were these on the east or west side of the park at 90th Street? I'm hoping to take my son there tomorrow. :-)

    1. Hi there! We were on the east side of the park!