Friday, April 17, 2015

nykeiko travels and eats: I never knew.... [Japan]

I never knew Japan had the best tasting strawberries in the world..or safer to say, sweetest tasting strawberries I have ever had. Our tour guide told us it is something we had to try during our visit. I thought fruits in Japan were scarce and expensive so I did not think any type of fruits produced there would be worthy of my dollars but these strawberries were definitely worth every penny. We bought about 4 boxes throughout our trip and devoured them all with no guilt. They were not too pricy at $2-$3 for a box of strawberries (about 8-10 berries?). That's the price of berries at Whole foods sometimes and they don't even taste as good. I have no idea how they make their strawberries so consistently sweet and I don't care! I just want more!

Oh and Spring is finally upon us here in New York buuuut I already experienced spring time back in Japan last month :) Proof!

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