Monday, June 22, 2015

nykeiko plays: Saturday in the Burg [Williamsburg, NYC]

J train shananigans
This past Saturday, we celebrated Father's Day at Dave's parents with some hot pot. We would love to say that we prepared the feast but the truth is, we didn't do anything at all except bring a cantaloupe as dessert. I mean, the father doesn't like to eat out and likes to cook so Dave says it's not really "abuse" when we're allowing him to do what he loves. All we needed to do was show up hungry. There was more than enough food for a party of ten. We had pork, chicken, beef, shrimps, fish balls, tofu, liver and kidney from an animal and finally, a ton of veggies. We were ready for a nap but the best way to digest was to go for a walk so we hopped on a bus and went to Smorgasburg and the annual Renegade Craft Fair which we try to not miss every year. This year, it's running for 4-weekend straight! We bought a "silly idea" drawing from Lauren Simkin Berke and a super vanilla bean milkshake from Milk Truck. And of course, our Renegade Craft Fair tradition is to take a complimentary photo inside Magnolia Photobooth.

Before the hotpot storm began...

Dave pretending to jump off a ledge...

Very much a Renegade Craft Fair tradition- Free Magnolia Photobooth pic! They cheaped out on props this year ;p

Possibly the most profitable and creative vendor at Renegrade craft fair? Lauren Simkin Berke

We picked 'Silly Idea' for $5. Illustration by Lauren Simkin Berke

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