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nykeiko shops: Proenza Schouler sample sale...bags bags bags..whoops all gone [July 2015 NYC Sample Sale]

Proenza schouler sample sale $399 PS13 handbags

I stopped by the Proenza Schouler sample sale this morning before work to check out what I have been missing. I skipped the last two sample sales simply because it was never publicly announced and only lasted one day. This time, the sale being is hosted at C21 Edition for the first time and last for three days. This means a couple of things. 

The sales hosted here usually starts at 8 a.m. which means I don't need to sneak out of work to shop. (I got there about an hour before doors open and was about 20th person in line.)There's also no need to check your bags (waste of time) and pictures are definitely allowed (see previous blurry sale coverage in 2014, 2013 and 2012). The prices are similar to past sales. For example, prices start at $39 for keychains (a brass cube or dog keychains) and bracelets, $38-$44 for basic denim; $49 for necklaces and leather card holders and small zip wallets; $79 for canvas tote bags, $99 for sample shoes. Cashmere or silk scarves are also $99. Most of the ready-to-wear collection are at 70% off retail. 

Leather handbags are priced as marked and there is a strict five bag limit per customer. Bags start at $49 for small leather goods, $99 for small clutches, $199-$299 for larger clutches and $399 for medium handbags. We spotted lots of the white PS13 handbag for $399. Most of the exotic leather bags are 70% off retails. Canvas/leather tote bags are $79 and there are about four different styles and still plenty when I left the sale. None of the bags were to my taste. The PS13 bag was nice but all white? It would be all black when I get my paws on it. 

I didn't see any sample clothes but I didn't have the time to go through each rack and might have missed some pieces. The best deals I thought were the $99 sample shoes where I found a pair of pony hair stilletos, lambskin booties and platform shoes. Sizes were size 36-40. "These are Aldo prices" I overheard. That's true. Some of the style of pumps were going for less than $200 and in my opinion much more comfortable and better quality than Aldo shoes. 

The $39 denim (black and blue) are always the same cheapness. I have never tried on a pair but wonder if they simply suck or else why are they always one of the cheapest piece of clothing at the sample sales? There's always so much of it left but probably because everyone's too busy fighting over handbags to grab a pair to try on. 

Line status at 8 a.m. sharp. when doors opened

$399 bags

$49 zip coin pouch with cardholder  
$49 cardholders

$99 Proenza Schouler sample shoes

$99 Proenza Schouler sample shoes

$38 denim

$39 keychains and $49 cardholders

$238 blue dress

$199 medium clutch and $99 small clutch

$893 Proenza Schouler patchwork combo dress

$278 tweed wrap dress

$495 cashmere wool combo peacoat

$79 tote bags

$99 silk/cashmere scarves

Large PS Elliot crocodile satchel $8400

$199 clutch

$299 clutch 
$99 sample shoes 

$99 sample leather booties

$39 brass and lacquer bracelets

The stock when I left the sale less than an hour later...and I was told there would be no restocking!

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  1. Thanks for the coverage. Very helpful indeed. I agree with your comment about those whose PS13 totes. I always admire women with white handbags...who can manage that in the city anyways? Good for them!