Sunday, July 19, 2015

nykeiko travels and eats: District Donut [New Orleans]

When in New Orleans and in need of a java fix, stop by District Donut in the Garden district. Of course, if you have a little hunger to tend to, there is very tasty food to satisfy your needs.

When we dropped in, we were interested in trying out the donuts but then the sliders and savories menu caught our eye. And there was also an interesting section called 'Croquenuts' which are griddled donut sandwiches. Yes, sandwiches with donuts as the bun. It might sound weird at first but my cousin was the adventurous one and ordered the Dulce Cubano which turned out to be one of our favorite.

After all that eating, I don't really remember if the coffee is any good but I'm sure it wasn't bad!

We actually passed by District Donut the day before when we walked around the Garden District but returned with our friends the next day to taste. Here was the menu of the day.

Everyone picked out a donut to share...

District Donut pad thai flavor donut

The dulce cubano croquenut

Waffle fries were so so good

The tofu slider was actually very tasty!

District Donuts Sliders Brew

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