Wednesday, July 29, 2015

nykeiko travels and eats: Toups' Meatery [New Orleans]

What was left of our meal at Toup's meatery...nothing!

Oh yes, we did a whole lot of eating in New Orleans as you have seen here and here and I'm not done writing about it. Maybe I'll talk about stuff we saw or what we did for fun but FOOD was the main drive of our itinerary in N.O.L.A. so I won't deny it of a spotlight. Dinner on our second night in New Orleans was at Toups' meatery. You guessed right if you thought that there was a lot of meat consumed during the meal. The guys really loved this meal when I was hoping there would be some greens to pair. The food is mighty salty as mentioned before so we did order an additional side of white rice (not the dirty rice which was salty too!). The boys also loved the cornbread so much they ordered extras on the side to finish the meal strong. We were no doubt very full. Only good things to say about this meal and would highly recommend it even though it's a bit out of the way.

To start....

Boudin balls

Crab claws
Lamb neck
BBQ lamb
Gulf shrimp stew
A side of dirty rice

Toups' meatery menu

Oh yea before dinner, we checked out the Roosevelt hotel's Sazerac bar to get a taste of the original Sazerac cocktail! I personally don't love it so I just had a cat lick out of it...

Toups' Meatery

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