Thursday, August 13, 2015

Nykeiko plays: Update! Life in snapshots...

Let's address the elephant in the room... 
Woah I have not been very good at writing something up in here. What's new with you? What's new with me? Well, I have been focusing on different things lately. Since it's Summer, I have been more motivated in keeping healthy by eating well and exercising often. Swimming has become my best friend again and I try to go at least twice a week. I feel oh so grateful when it's super hot out and I can to take a dip in the ozone purified pool at the 92Y in the Upper East side. I'm so grateful that I catch myself smiling while doing my strokes up and down the lanes...even when an old lady or man is slow and in my way. I applaud them for coming out and staying in shape!

On a weekly basis, I also try to attend at least one Vixen Workout class and usually on a Friday evening. It's been harder on Fridays though since at the end of a long week, you just want to go home and put your feet up and do absolutely nothing.

Work has also been keeping me quite busy and trapped in front of my computer a lot. This means that I have less time to cover sample sales. Yup, that's why there is lack of reports. I have been good with covering at least four sales every month but this month alone, nada! I haven't seen any interesting sales anyway but hopefully Fall will bring back the hot sales.

In pictures:

When Janet Jones was in town, we dance! 

More pics after jump..

Obligatory post workout selfie

An annual work outing at Coney Island 
Experimenting with sous vide cooking at a friend's. One of the steaks was cooked with sous vide and the other isn't...guess!  
Visiting Jennifer at her new venture in Brooklyn. Checking out Mekelburg's (Website link here)  

A baby's 30th day celebration calls for a banquet with lots of food!

Christine helping us stretch a canvas for our living room! Through sweat and blood..literally! Thank you Christine!!

Here's how the canvas looks up on our wall in the living room. The print is from Marimekko (was on sale at 50% off)!
I was craving lu rou fan (Taiwanese pork stew) so badly. Dave attempted a small batch but I made a bigger batch! 

The best part of working out is eating out! Double Shack burgers for deux! 

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