Thursday, March 10, 2016

nykeiko shops: My recent sample sale buys! [Sweet William and Story]

Story Sample sale 2016 . $5 Christmas stuff

I've wind down on sample sale reporting lately. Last month I covered Cosabella (report here) which is always a fun one but I never get anything because for the sake of comfort, I rather wear my granny panties then sexy lacy pieces . (Sorry husband!) I did however receive a free pair of thong so I still end up with something sexy which I SHOULD wear to feel human again. Lately nursing has made me feel like a milking cow. A feeling mutually shared amongst all breastfeeding mothers out there. Anyway, I do manage to escape for a couple of hours so I can do my own thing and sample sale shopping is still very much one of my job/hobbies. Here are two sales I hit up in March.