Thursday, March 10, 2016

nykeiko shops: My recent sample sale buys! [Sweet William and Story]

Story Sample sale 2016 . $5 Christmas stuff

I've wind down on sample sale reporting lately. Last month I covered Cosabella (report here) which is always a fun one but I never get anything because for the sake of comfort, I rather wear my granny panties then sexy lacy pieces . (Sorry husband!) I did however receive a free pair of thong so I still end up with something sexy which I SHOULD wear to feel human again. Lately nursing has made me feel like a milking cow. A feeling mutually shared amongst all breastfeeding mothers out there. Anyway, I do manage to escape for a couple of hours so I can do my own thing and sample sale shopping is still very much one of my job/hobbies. Here are two sales I hit up in March.

Since I'm all baby-focused now, I have been more interested in sample sales featuring kids apparel or quality toys. This is why two weekends ago, I trekked all the way to Williamsburg to check out the Sweet William sample sales. With promise of local and handmade garbs at 75% off, I thought it would be worth it. On a side note, it has been so long I haven't visited Williamsburg that it feels so far and foreign now. I got out at the Bedford Ave. station and saw this sign. I knew that things were no longer the same for a while now but this confirmed that our beloved Williamsburg has lost its charm. Goodbye hipsterville...

Back to the sale. Turns out, it just isn't the right time for me to shop for kids clothes at the moment. With four seasons to dress the kid, it is too hard to predict the sizing needed for each season. And all the infant clothes available were only good until 3 months which is close and I'm not interested in spending a penny for something she will wear for less than a month. So far, I'm focused on clothes for her at age 1 and up, when she will be attending daycare and daily change of clothes will be inevitable. 

In the end I end up buying a baby penguin organic beach towel by PopupShop (so cute!) for $20 which I end up using as a mat right now and an organic Boy + Girl blanket for $34 to protect our couch (We already cleaned the couch three times now due to spit-ups and it just made more sense to throw a throw into the wash instead of the couch cover that cannot withstand the laundry machine). Plus a kid's book for $2! Everything i got was only 50-60% off which is good but not great. 

Popupshop beach towel, currently a makeshift "play" mat
Boy + Girl organic blanket

Another sample sale I went to was by an unique concept retail store called Story. It's more of a loading -off-inventory-type-of -sale then an actual sample sale (like most sample sales nowadays actually) which means steep discounts on lots of variety of knick knacks, electronics, home decor, jewelry,books, clothes and more. Their first sample sale happened two years ago. Everything began at 50% and then when they extended the sale for another week, they also added an additional 50% off all sale items. That means over 75% discounts on everything and I picked up lots of things we are still using around the house.

This time around, I only got to the sale on the last day near the last hour and so missed out on many cool items however, I still managed to spend over $100 but mostly on gifts.

Below is my haul. For myself, I got an Izola vacuum stainless steel bottle for $10.50 (was $42), a Copper Mill Kitchen serving bowl for $5 (value at $50?) which I thought would be a good mixing bowl but I was wrong. Also got a couple of Streamline magnetic photo cables for $3 each (was $12). For the kid, I got her a BPA-free Lollaland sippy cup for $4, a toxic free toy ball for $1.99 and a Canada Goose vest for $48.75 (was $195) which she can't wear until she's a bit older (Oops! shopaholic..). For gifts, I got a few Chikuno cubes for $7.50 (was $29). We always see these cubes at all these top notch design stores so I was curious to try one too. Also got a couple of wool plaid red "Not Yours" cup sleeves for $2.50, some Switchel syrup or apple ciders (they were buy-1-get-1-free at $4 each (was $16)) and a bottle of Tennessee black truffle honeycomb (free!). So most of the items were under $5 which made buying things I probably do not need a bit more acceptable? #shopaholic 

Coppermill Kitchen Copper bowl $5

Chikuno Cube bamboo filters $7.50

That's all! There aren't any interesting sales announced so far. I did miss the Diptyque sample sale for the first time but to be honest, I still have some candles I haven't burnt yet from past sales! I love burning candles but had to halt for a while since I wasn't sure if it was safe to burn candles during my pregnancy and now I am not sure if it's safe for the baby. And then of course it won't be safe to burn candles around a kid..sooo I might as well give them away!

Anyhoo, until next time! x

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