Tuesday, May 10, 2016

nykeiko plays: Salon de Tokyo for no-frill massages

When I mentioned I was in desperate need of a massage, the husband totally delivered. Of course it would be great if he could give me a massage himself but he knew better then to lend his own hands to do the job. Instead, he found me my new favorite no-frill massage place in the heart of the city. It’s called Salon de Tokyo. Just the name excites me. Anything related to Japan makes me happy. When I walked in and was greeted by a Japanese staff, I knew I was in for some quality service. The place is clean and quiet. You’re quickly ushered into a coed changing room (I didn't know it was coed at the time. I thought it was funny when an old grandpa saw me walk down the narrow hallway in my towel and then I saw him with his after my session! I was glad it was just me in the changing room though!). You can take a quick shower or enjoy the saunas before you enter your private room for your massage.  Since I arrived a bit late, I was plopped on a table right away with barely any instructions.

The salon is known for their traditional shiatsu massage with FEET (non-stinky is the bonus), which gives you deeper pressure to relieve all your aches and pains. My therapist asked me how I found out about the place. I told her it was a Mother's day treat from the hubby and that he had been here years ago to use up a gift certificate. She mentioned the place has been opened since 1971. I was impressed! Something that last this long is definitely good! 

Maybe I was in desperate need of a massage but it just felt so, so good. As soon as my therapist began decompressing my back, tears came out of my eye socket and soaked my face towel. Yes, I cried a little. Whatever heaven felt like, this was it. I loved the pain she caused me. This is the only time I will let someone's foot touch me for this long and me wanting MORE of it. I absolutely loved my 90-minute session (which I thought ended way too fast! I’m so greedy!) and would definitely go back. *HINT HINT DAVID!* But now that I know this place exists, I can take myself there. He just needs to babysit for a bit :) The price isn't too shabby neither. A one-hour massage cost $70/hour. They also do home or hotel visits for $85/hour and you just have to pay for the therapist’s cab fare.

I also enjoyed leaving the floor.  I was stuck for a little bit trying to find the elevator buttons. Finally spotted them between two exit doors a few steps away! Like, so not obvious at all.

Oh, this is still my fave cheapo place for a foot massage in Chinatown.

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