Friday, August 12, 2016

nykeiko plays: Cooper Hewitt museum NYC -August 2016

A hot Saturday with a chance of rain brought us to the Cooper Hewitt museum on the Upper East Side. Ok, more like Dave found out Bank of America card holders can get free access and so we decided to go. 

This is my first time at Cooper Hewitt and I quite enjoyed it. I kind of liked the smallness of the museum since larger museums (like the Met) become overwhelming and gets tiring after a bit. This museum is set in an old ha-uge mansion so it's big but not quite big.The day we visited, they were offering all visitors this digital pen with which you can digitally collect and record all the art you see during your visit. Every art piece has a label where you can align with you pen to save the piece. 
You are given a code which is linked with your pen so that after the visit, you can click here, type in your code and see all the objects/art you saved. I think it's kind of great to be able to save your visit this way. Sometimes I don't have the patience to read the art description on the spot or remember what I am reading anyway but with this, I can go home and take another look at all the stuff I saw that day. Like, oh, what was the name of that piece I liked again? Bam! I can find out right away (well, only if I remembered to save it).  You can also see some stats from that day if you like that type of stuff are. For example, the number of people who saved the same piece, your visit duration, what time you saw that piece, etc. You were also able to use the pen to play with these oversized interactive touchscreens where you can see what you collected on your pen or use it to design your own chair, hat, vase etc. People seemed to be into it. 

Anyhoo, here are some memorable pieces I liked: 

This is the first piece I noticed while waiting in line for tickets. It's called "Clock prototype" and part of the museum's permanent collection. I took two short videos of the clock (hope it works!). 

"Using 288 analog clocks, A million times questions the typography used to determine time by depicting a digital readout using analog clocks, which then disappears into an undulating wave or rotating clock hands."

The second thing I noticed is this pretty dress by Giambattis Valli from the Beauty exhibit. 

And these other pretty clothes...Realize now i didn't save these on my pen. Oops!

Some metallic armoire.

Making every day things artsy.

Thom Browne Selects. Room filled with mirrors from different countries and 117 pairs of nickel-plated leather shoes.

This is a birdcage.

Polythread knitted textile pavilion was a pretty sight.

"This is a Jacket. It was designed by TheUnseen and Lauren Bowker.It is dated 2016. Its medium is leather, heat and wind reactive ink."

Yup, the jacket changes color with heat which was being blown from two pipes every few minutes or so.

Look at these colorful beaded sculptures from the Afreak series by the Haas brothers and the Haas sisters of Monkeybiz.

Our favorite non-exhibit piece is this chair (Spun chair, 2010) which we spent some time playing with in the basement of the museum. It is decorative as it is functional. I assumed it was impossible to fall off it but Dave's cousin found out the hard way it isn't true. No one got hurt. The chair is on sale at the museum shop for $721. I'd like to one please in red.

In all I enjoyed the museum because of the current exhibitions. Admission is $18 for adults but free if you are a Bank of America cardholder. 

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