Thursday, September 1, 2016

nykeiko shops: TOMS and S'WELL bottle joint sample sale 2016 (Pictures!)

I didn't think I would be checking out this sample sale. First off,Toms shoes definitely make my feet smell and so I vowed never to buy the classic flats again. Second, Dave and I already own S'well bottles although he doesn't know where his went. He got a bottle as a Christmas secret santa gift one year. That's how we found out about the brand and then I bought mine at one of S'well's first ever sample sale a couple of years ago, when the selection was only limited to one small table! You can see my bottle here. Keep reading for sample sale pics...

I was therefore surprised to hear that S'well would be hosting a sale at a large venue like 260! I decided to check it out on the third day because I needed to find gifts to take with me to London next week (more on that later!). I wanted to get something thoughtful and useful and remembered the sale. Water bottles! Everyone likes water bottles!

I checked out a few pictures from social media to check how the inventory was. It was definitely not just one table of merchandise anymore but I knew the inventory would be very depleted after the first day but hoped for the best. I end up getting a couple of bottles from the Birchwood collection which are hand-painted and pretty pretty. I was surprised to see so many people walk out with multiple bottles in tow. It must be for gift giving like me! There is a 10 bottle limit per shopper. 

Prices are $12 for 9 oz size (normally $25), $18 for 17 oz size (normally $35) and $22 for 25 oz size (normally $45). Not too cheap for a water bottle but the discount off retail is acceptable. 

As for Toms shoes, I didn't really take a close look but here are some pics I quickly snapped along with the price list for future reference! 

I saw some full grain leather sneakers for only $35. That's actually pretty good prices. But then the normal Toms classic flats are $30 and I don't think that's cheap at all.

And oops, I only looked at the women section. There were Toms for men but didn't catch prices for those. 

And oh yea, by the way, I no longer write sample sale posts for Racked NY. First, it was because I had no time but now, they completely shut off the NY site. It was a lot of fun getting paid to shop and write about it though! 

These leather sneakers were $35.

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