Monday, October 24, 2016

nykeiko travels and plays: Citizen M Tower of London flagship hotel grand opening

It’s a bit strange for me to write about our trip to London when I haven’t even finished writing about our trips to Iceland and Hong Kong from two years ago. I also failed to write a detailed post about my trip to Japan with my parents last spring and me and Dave’s Euro trip last fall. I guess since this is the most recent trip on my mind, it’s easier for me to sit down and rehash the tales.

I was invited earlier this year by Citizen M to attend the grand opening for CitizenM Tower of London in London and also to meet all the global Citizen Mag contributors. They would fly me, house me (at Citizen M of course) and feed me breakfasts for free. When they first told me about it, I didn’t take it seriously because they said it was in the works and it sounded too good to be. I also JUST had my baby and couldn’t fathom traveling anywhere just yet.  

The grand opening was eventually postponed and when I was told it was really happening, I was SO ready to RSVP. I was in a better state of mind and physical shape postpartum and did not want to miss out on such a great opportunity. Top bloggers (which I am not) get invited to events and flown to different places all the time so this was a big deal for me. But I need to make it very clear that I wasn’t invited because I am a blogger. I have been a Citizen Mag contributor for a few years now and this is their big fat thank you for the work we have done. For that, I will accept. No hidden agendas, no products to promote, no contracts to sign, just meet fellow contributors from all over the world and have fun! Ok, maybe there was slight pressure to write an article about something cool in London but I was going to do that anyway!

So this is how I got to travel to London and my family tagged along because, why not? We flew in days earlier to check out London and it exceeded my expectations. I had low expectations for some reason but riding double decker red buses, eating scotch eggs, experiencing afternoon high tea, looking for Banksys, exploring Shoreditch and much more, was honestly a lot of fun.

There were three social events scheduled that week for all the contributors.
A formal meet-and-greet at the Citizen M in Shoreditch before heading to the flagship hotel at Citizen M Tower of London. Finally, a happy hour the following evening with food, drinks and surprise gifts! All thoughtfully planned out. Thank you Marlon and Angelica for making this happen!! 

The party was absolutely unique and creatively kept all the party-goers engaged throughout the night. The hotel became a museum of sleep with sleep themed rooms and activities. I'm sharing pictures I took on my iPhone and those taken by the in-house photographer Joni Israeli. It's pretty obvious who took what :)

Hotel view in Shoreditch

Marlon and Angelica welcoming everyone to London

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