Saturday, November 5, 2016

nykeiko shops: The Row sample sale 2016 NYC

This is a late post about last week's The Row sample sale so it is more of a journal entry for future reference (with pictures of course!). This is probably the fourth sample sale I have attended this year. I know, shocking right? This is compared to my going on an average of 4-5 samples per month last year. I just don't have the time like I used to. Oh well. Maybe my new shopping game plan is to go on the last day of a sale which is usually on the weekend and additional markdowns are taking place. That's the reason I went to The Row sample sale. I went on the last day of the sale, just five hours before closing when they had just marked everything down. 

Depending on the sample sale brand, I usually like to go on the first day to get first dibs but sometimes going on the last day has its perks (usually the additional markdowns). If it is a good sale with a lot of great bargains, the inventory has usually been picked through and you're left with undesirables. For The Row, going on the last day is not too bad. The sake prices are usually still pretty high that people don't go crazy and so on the last day, I feel like there are still some excellent pieces left to shop. 

When I arrived to the venue (Metropolitan Pavilion), they had just marked everything down. Ready-to-wear were marked down from 80% to 85% and accessories including handbags were 75% down from 70%.  When a cashmere sweater is like $1100, 85% off is good but not that great. You shop this sale if you're looking for quality pieces that will last and with my recent mantra of purging fast fashion from my closet and keeping staple pieces, I was looking for investment pieces that will be good season after season, year after year. I end up purchasing a cashmere/silk sweater for $148 (was $990) and a navy sleeveless Canham top for $142.50 (was $950). I also got a super soft black spaghetti strap jersey Sissi dress for $68 (was $450) but I think I'll end up selling it. With every sample sale, I always try to get a few pieces I can sell on eBay to fund my purchases and for this sale, it would be these $15 tanks and $20 tops (was $320) that I can usually sell at a pretty good profit :)

The handbags were now 75% off. I think everything was around $700-$1000 after markdown.

The sale was organized by size and styles. I saw racks with sizes XS to L and then from 0-12. There are separate racks for $60 denim, $60 pants and $100 jackets. By the cashier, there was a few exotic handbags that were only 40% off along with eyewear which were marked down and were all around $100.

40% off exotic handbags and accessories

$20 Hazelton top

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