Friday, December 22, 2017

nykeiko shops: Holiday Gift Guide for HER- 2017 Edition

Sorry for posting this list a tad late. Most of you probably got all your holiday shopping down since we're just a couple of days away from Christmas. So maybe you can now treat this list as your post-holiday shopping list (when good sales happen!) or for ways to spend your bonus and splurge! Also, there's a special discount code for my readers for one of the products on the list so keep on reading!

Every year I try to do a gift guide/holiday wishlist but it's more like a list of things I already bought or want to buy for myself. I don't like recommending things I haven't tried or at least have read good reviews about. 

Let's start with some clothing!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

nykeiko travels: Hiking to Iceland's tallest (second tallest?) waterfall with a baby- Glymur

Nope that's the wrong way!

OH HELLO! I'm alive! Yes, yes. New job, semi-new baby and life is getting in the way of me posting a proper blog post here. Not yet ready to share a glimpse of my daughter's life makes it very difficult to blog about anything at all since she is 100% part of my life now. She just turned 16 months (December update: she is now 23 months. This is a very late post) and I am finally in love with her cuteness, personality and quirky personality.  It is hard not to find a picture without her in it on my phone. I could blog about her all day (not really, because I don't have time for that anymore!.  Don't ask me where I'm writing this at the moment. Could be on the poop bowl, on the bus, lunch time, in bed...).

I am determined to write at least one blog post about our Iceland trip and it's going to be about the time we went for a hike to find Iceland's tallest waterfall and got lost one too many times (with a baby in tow!). 

Here is what we wanted to achieve on our 7-day trip in Iceland:

Thursday, September 7, 2017

nykeiko plays: Dia:Beacon, NY

Now that my baby girl is entering toddlerhood, I savor the time I get to spend time with her on weekends. She likes to be out of our small apartment and explore so we always make an effort to take her somewhere fun on the weekends. We also enjoy exploring the city with her. She's very acquainted with all the parks we visit, she loves to point at every pigeon in sight and practices her barking at dog parks. She can nap through loud subway trains and honking cars. Swings are always a highlight and water sprinklers are never to be missed. It's not possible for us to sleep in on the weekends anymore so it is easy for us to get out of the house early and be home for dinner. I think we're better at packing on the fly and taking less time to finally leave the house. We might always forget a thing or two but as long as we have her diapers and wipes, everything else doesn't seem to matter. Okay, I lie, we need to bring a bunch of crap like sun lotion, water bottle, hat, extra change of clothes, bib, snacks and more!

To celebrate the end of Summer, we have been setting out doing mini getaways outside the city.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

nykeiko shops: MM Lafleur two-day sale at Franklin Showroom [With pictures]

MM Lafleur Super Secret showroom sale, everything is 60% off

The MM Lafleur sale is happening today and tomorrow but be quick if you want to pick up some of your favorite styles at discounted prices (everything is 60% off). All faithful MM Lafleur customers were sent an email a few days ago titled "Super Secret Sale". The email went something like this: 

"Some pieces are one-of-a-kind, others are gently-loved, and the best part: everything is 60% off. We almost never do this, so you’ll want to run (nay, sprint) to nab these deals. Here are the details:
Dates: Tuesday 6/27- Wednesday 6/28
Location: Franklin St. Showroom (lower level): 87 Franklin Street, between Broadway and Church St."
Pictures of the sale below! (Some pictures had to be removed due to shoppers undressing in the middle of the showroom!)

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

nykeiko shops: Bonpoint sample sale! [May 2017 NYC sample sale]

Here's a sample sale I haven't shared before! Since before I was pregnant, I have attended this sample sale in hopes of picking up tiny gifts for expecting mothers. It was always so sweet to pick up tiny adult outfits and picturing it on a little human body. Now that I have my own baby girl, it's time to dress her up and the Bonpoint sample sale is a good place to pick up something special for your little one. Here, you'll find Spring/Summer collections up to 60% off. There's always a line for this sale so we suggest to leave the strollers (they are not allowed anyway) or simply leave your kids out of this and shop in peace!

The sample sale is happening tomorrow and runs through Thursday at the Metropolitain Pavilion.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

nykeiko shops: Aquatalia sample sale [NYC sample sale 2016]

Update: Sale is now additional 50$ off all styles of shoes (March 10 2017).

Oh hello! It's me and alive! 

Oh you know, just busy with the usual, work and being lazy (but forcibly can't be lazy because I have a baby, work, adult responsibilities). I have been doing some shopping for my new job and I want to share my purchases with you soon. My go-to have been Everlane, Kit and Ace and now looking at MM Lafleur. I honestly rarely buy clothes at full price but I did it this time because I was very particular about my new work wardrobe.

It's been a while but I wanted to write about the Aquatalia sample sale before it ends (ends this Sunday). I attended the sale on the first day so stock was a plenty. As time is now of an essence, I knit pick which sales I go to and I did not want to miss this one. I believe it's the first Aquatalia sample sale in NYC, that I know of anyway.

Friday, January 20, 2017

nykeiko shops: 'Story' sample sale, NYC

Hey! A new sample sale post! So rare now but I had to shop this one because it's my favorite "sample sale" ever.  It's not a real sample sale though. Story is a retail concept store that sells merchandise through evolving themes every month or two; so they load off an enormous amount of inventory during these sample sales and people go crazy for it. I was surprised when I got an email about it because I thought we would have to wait another year before their next one. The other surprise was also they were doing it at their store location and not in their office which was a pain to get to. The sale is usually 50% off everything with some 'as marked' items as well. Keep reading for pictures!