Tuesday, June 27, 2017

nykeiko shops: MM Lafleur two-day sale at Franklin Showroom [With pictures]

MM Lafleur Super Secret showroom sale, everything is 60% off

The MM Lafleur sale is happening today and tomorrow but be quick if you want to pick up some of your favorite styles at discounted prices (everything is 60% off). All faithful MM Lafleur customers were sent an email a few days ago titled "Super Secret Sale". The email went something like this: 

"Some pieces are one-of-a-kind, others are gently-loved, and the best part: everything is 60% off. We almost never do this, so you’ll want to run (nay, sprint) to nab these deals. Here are the details:
Dates: Tuesday 6/27- Wednesday 6/28
Location: Franklin St. Showroom (lower level): 87 Franklin Street, between Broadway and Church St."
Pictures of the sale below! (Some pictures had to be removed due to shoppers undressing in the middle of the showroom!)

Of course I was one of the first shoppers there because I had a feeling there will be a lot of power women looking for a good deal. I was able to pick up a couple of dresses and a belt! I got the Aditi 2.0 dress in Galaxy Blue, the Rachel dress in Boysenberry, a white Lin Top and the crossover belt. The belt was something I had purchased but returned due to sizing but also realize that it didn't make sense to be pay $110 for a belt. At the sale today I snagged all of it at 60% off. The dresses aren't cheap and never go on sale due to the limited production so this was a great shopping event for me to complete my work wardrobe! The popular styles are constantly sold out in my size (size 4). I plan to dedicate a post about all my MM Lafleur pieces which I have worn in rotation for the past two months. 

I was going in with a few styles in mind. I was looking for the Zhou culotte which I had just bought and received last week but would have returned if I was able to find it at the sale (I didn't!), the Soho skirt (found two but both were badly damaged so I put them back),the Rankin top (got the Lin top instead), and dresses in colors other than black (I already have three black dresses). 

You had to inspect each piece thoroughly to check for damages. Every hanger had a card indicating the condition of the piece and white stickers were placed where the damage was. It was all very organized until the chaos started and each piece started slowly losing their tags and stickers because shoppers were trying them on. It was a good plan if people bothered putting back the tags and stickers but amid the chaos, that was not possible. I inspected all my items before checking out. Both my dresses had the "LOVE ME, LOVE ME NOT?" tag still which during regular purchases cannot be removed if you wanted to return the item. Once removed, you cannot get a refund. I'm just betting my dresses were out-of-date styles or possible showroom pieces. 

Shoppers started pouring in as soon as the sale opened. The makeshift fitting room at the back couldn't fit more than four girls comfortably so another makeshift dressing room was improvised. Lines were forming but I was already out the door by then. 

It took me 10 minutes to pick out the pieces I wanted to try, 15 minutes to try everything on and 5 minutes to check out. Since they had my information on file, I didn't even need to pull out my credit card to make the payment. All pieces were organized by size and style so it was easy to browse. There was a table full of belts and shelves stocked fully with infinity scarves. Sadly, I didn't find any bottoms I liked at the sale which I lack. 

MM Lafleur infinity scarf for days,  all $26

starting to get chaotic in here!

Great sale MM! However, for pieces with really bad damages,they should really go for 90% off instead of 60%. No one really wants to fork out additional money for repairs if the pieces are not dirt cheap.

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