Thursday, September 7, 2017

nykeiko plays: Dia:Beacon, NY

Now that my baby girl is entering toddlerhood, I savor the time I get to spend time with her on weekends. She likes to be out of our small apartment and explore so we always make an effort to take her somewhere fun on the weekends. We also enjoy exploring the city with her. She's very acquainted with all the parks we visit, she loves to point at every pigeon in sight and practices her barking at dog parks. She can nap through loud subway trains and honking cars. Swings are always a highlight and water sprinklers are never to be missed. It's not possible for us to sleep in on the weekends anymore so it is easy for us to get out of the house early and be home for dinner. I think we're better at packing on the fly and taking less time to finally leave the house. We might always forget a thing or two but as long as we have her diapers and wipes, everything else doesn't seem to matter. Okay, I lie, we need to bring a bunch of crap like sun lotion, water bottle, hat, extra change of clothes, bib, snacks and more!

To celebrate the end of Summer, we have been setting out doing mini getaways outside the city.