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nykeiko shops: Holiday Gift Guide for HER- 2017 Edition

Sorry for posting this list a tad late. Most of you probably got all your holiday shopping down since we're just a couple of days away from Christmas. So maybe you can now treat this list as your post-holiday shopping list (when good sales happen!) or for ways to spend your bonus and splurge! Also, there's a special discount code for my readers for one of the products on the list so keep on reading!

Every year I try to do a gift guide/holiday wishlist but it's more like a list of things I already bought or want to buy for myself. I don't like recommending things I haven't tried or at least have read good reviews about. 

Let's start with some clothing!

Other than MM. Lafleur. Aritzia has been my go-to brand this year for casual work attire. They have some work appropriate clothes with an added twist or detailing that makes it stylish and not so boring. For wintertime cuddling, I got this Cyprie sweater that is super soft and will keep you warm all season long. 

Also from Aritzia, what do you think about this pair of Jallade pants? Cute right? I am thinking about getting the Geneva pants in black for work.  The little tie bow gives it a nice feminine touch. Aritizia often has sales (still pricy though) every season so that's when you should shop the brand. However, the sizes run out quickly for the nice stuff so if you don't want to risk it, you should add to cart asap.

Something for your feet!

The Boss Boots by Everlane (a brand I have been faithful to from the start). I actually got the boots in the color burgundy so that I can try something other than black but, I decided to return them for the black ones instead for easier outfit matching. Unfortunately, the black ones are sold out at the moment but will soon be restocked.  Since I had the chance to try them on in person before returning, I can tell you that the quality is really good and they should be comfortable after prolonged wear. The height of the heel is not too high so your feet won't get very sore. Most importantly for me, the width of the shoes is not too narrow, which is perfect for my wide feet. #widefeetproblems.

Something for home decor!

Here’s a blanket by Thompson Street Studio that I fell in love with the moment I saw it. Of course this one is being sold on Of A Kind (Is there one wishlist that I do not mention Of A Kind??).  I have more than enough blankets at home but this piece can easily be, and recommended, to be used as an art piece! I’ll definitely put this on my wishlist and wait for it to go on sale (if it ever!). There’s only 30 of-a-kind left and these quilts usually sell for $600-$1000 on the Thompson Street Studio online shop.

Something useful!

Holiday time is when alcohol is consumed in buckets (hopefully, with no judgement). Unfortunately for me, my tolerance is low and alcohol also turns my face, neck and body red like rudolph's nose (I was going to say tomato but I wanted to stick to a Christmas theme). I am also more allergic to red wine than anything else due to the sulfites and finding organic, sulfite-free wine is sometimes challenging. I actually know a couple of people around me that are also allergic to red wine and I recommended The Wand for them to try. I have yet to try it myself but I read great reviews about it. So far, one of my friends bought and tried it and said all her usual symptoms (redness, next morning headache and drowsiness) disappeared!  All you do is swirl the wand in your glass of wine before sipping and that's it! I recently also gifted a box to my boss and am waiting for his review. He has stopped drinking red wine altogether because the last time he did, he fainted!

Something shiny!

Forget traditional diamond earrings. Here's a mini stud with a gold rock set into them from Macha jewelry.

Something for your face! 

A purchase this year that has changed my makeup game is this Cle de Peau concealer. When my friend offered Friends and Family discount to get this cult favorite on the cheap (Retails for $70!), I immediately got one to try. I have been using my NARS stick concealer for many years now but it is not creaseless when my skin is dry. Now that I have tried this Cle de Peau one, I cannot go back. You don't need much of it. Just one swipe under the eye and it provides excellent coverage. It also blends with my foundation very well.  It's a splurge so be prepared to skip a few meals for it. 

Something for a child!

Oh right! So since I now shop for not only myself but for a toddler as well, here is something I recently bought and think some of you might find useful. 7 A.M. Enfant is a brand I newly discovered but have seen their products on a lot of strollers here in NYC. Their stroller hand muffs are really popular here during the winter time. They recently had an online sample sale and I bought a lot of things at 80% off. I was disappointed with a few items such as the booties but my favorite item is this Pookie Poncho I got on sale for $38. The print I got is sold out and the rest is now back to the regular price of $110 unless you get it in a neon pink color. 

It's a 3-in-1 product that you can use on any stroller, carrier and car seat to keep your child warm (0-4T). I've used it on both the carrier and the stroller last weekend and thought it performed pretty well. Products that can be used for more than one purpose is good in my books!

And finally, some small business shopping!

I take pride in discovering new brands and sharing it with everyone. I also believe in supporting local business. Heck, it's not everyday people sacrifice everything to make it on their own so we all have to do our best to support them. Owning things that are not mass produced also feels very special and you'll cherish it more.

Something vibrant and useful!

 Jupiter + Glory is a newly launch Montreal-based brand which makes beautifully designed travel friendly towels. These are compact, super quick drying and antibacterial. Take a look at their instagram account to see more pictures of their products. I personally like the Juno and Luna designs! Oh and here's a special discount code for my readers! Use 'nykeiko20' at checkout for 20% off (expires Jan 31 2018)! 

(Post is not sponsored and I do not get a cut from sale of these items. Promo code is a special gift from Jupiter + Glory to my readers!).

Something warm!

Last winter, I was looking for a pom pom beanie hat and found this handmade one from Etsy. Wearing wool or cashmere makes my hair really staticky so these acrylic hats are perfect for me. I traveled with this one around Iceland. 

Initially, I was going to get this cheaper alternative on Amazon but decided to go with the handmade one.

Something cute!

Something cute always makes these posts so cuddly. Here's a needle felted alpaca ornament from Etsy for the little ones or yourself. I have two on our Xmas tree this year! They come with little hats too!

Disclosure: Please feel assured that this post is not sponsored at all and the brands I am writing about are brands that I truly like and would get for myself (or already got!). 

Happy holidays everyone!!

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