Friday, February 9, 2018

An update!

Glimpse of my life right now...

Oh phew! They did not shut down my blog for lack of interesting posts.
It's 2018 and I haven't written anything meaningful since my last holiday shopping post and that was not deep content. Not that I post anything deep anyway. I have been really bad these couple of years and definitely a record for me from the first time I started blogging in 2010. Gulp...8 years ago?

I let two years go by trying to blame my kid for the lack of posts but it is all on me. She turned two last month and all I can say is, what?! Two?!! How did we do it? By the way, I'm typing this on the bus.

The hardest thing about blogging when you have a kid is not being able to blog about her. I choose not to share her with the world through this medium and well, it's hurting my content. I spend 100% of my time with her so it is hard to write or talk about something that does not involve her. And you know how I like to share pictures so, not willing to share pictures of her makes it even harder! If the internet was not so freaky and filled with creeps, I would be posting a ton of picture of my daughter and blogging about our daily adventures. Daily adventures as in, how did I get her to brush her teeth or finally convince her to use the potty (that's unsuccessful by the way).

The challenge would be for me to tell stories perhaps sans pictures but then would my readers be really interested in this? I'm not sure. I personally like to see more pictures than words sometimes.

Also, my previous postings about sample sales have also died down. I rarely go to sales anymore except the ones where I know what I am looking for. So, nothing about sales. Now what? Is this the end of my blogging days? I hope not. I'll have to try to find a theme one day and stick with it. Until then, random posts all around! I do have many drafts of my travel stories from London, Iceland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Patagonia...oh my gosh. I am definitely a procrastinator!