Monday, June 18, 2018

Dear daughter post #3, Swimming

Dear daughter,

I wanted to talk about your love for the pool.

I swam with you when you were still inside the womb. I did my best to swim at least 1-2 times a week and felt really good about the pregnancy the whole time. I want to say that it helped with the quick almost perfect delivery we experienced.

When you were about 4 months old and got all your shots, I decided to introduce you to the pool for the first time.

May 2016

You were very skeptical at first but you did not cry or object. You let me dip you in and out throughout the class. We did free SwimJim classes until you were a bit over 6 months old. Then classes weren't free anymore and I cheaped out. However, mommy got a membership at the 92Y a year later and got you back in the pool in no time. Although we do not go very often, you are showing more confidence in the water every time. Just last month, you finally reluctantly let go of mommy but still in the safety of your noodle floaty. You were pissed and screamed when I let go but eventually realized it wasn't so bad on your own and chased a rubber duck or mommy at short distances across the pool.

It is rare you stay more than 30-40 minutes because the water is not heated and you are either cold, hungry or tired by end of session. I can tell because your lips turn purple or you tell me that you want to get out of the pool. I got you the Konfidence baby warmer suit (on sale at Buy buy Baby) which was pretty much useless (no wonder on sale) so I'll find you a long sleeve for our next sessions.

May 2018

June 2018

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