Sunday, June 17, 2018

Happy Father's day!

Surprise! I am blogging and it is to write about how great my baby daddy is.

Dear Dave,

I have also written a few posts which will follow this post and they are dedicated to you but written as letters for our daughter.

I wish I can write down every little quirky thing she says but that would mean I need to invest time that I do not have.  I know you don't want me sharing pictures of her on the internet but I really wanted to write down some anecdotes and stories you can smile about.

So this is your third father's day! How do you feel so far? Do you feel like an expert parent that can give good advices to other daddies out there? Do you love this second job you have? Is it getting easier? Do you want a second kid? Do you want to do more? Do less?

Here's what I have to say to you:

1. Thank you for always being a little more strict than I am with her. You remind me that I cannot always let her get away with shit.
2. Thank you for reinforcing the usage of cloth diapers. I think we have saved a lot of money and the planet in general for using cloth diapers for this long.
3. Thank you for always getting up early to play with her so that I can sleep in a little more but can you keep the noise down please?
4. Thank you for brushing her teeth at times even though you really don't want to.
5. Thank you for bringing her to so many museums around the city so that I can have some mommy time.
6. Thank you for taking great pictures of me and her. You have a good eye and the gift for taking 100 pics with one being great enough for Instagram!
7. Thank you for carrying the stroller up and down the stairs in subways. MTA sucks.
8. Thank you for cleaning up her pee on the floor during potty training.
9. Thank you for jumping into germ infested ball pits with her.
10. Thank you for making sure she always gets some time with your mom and dad who love her to bits.

Here are some things we can do today:
1. Let's go eat some fried chicken
2. Let's go eat some fried chicken
3. Let's go eat some fried chicken

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