Tuesday, June 19, 2018

nykeiko eats: Los Tacos No.1 at Chelsea Market

A few weeks ago (so this post has been sitting in draft since March 2017!), I took a day off to take my daughter for a checkup and then got the rest of the day to enjoy. My plan was to check out the Story sample sale  which I wrote about here. But before I got there, I wandered around. First, I got free coffee from Terremoto. I got out the subway and was attracted to floating gold balloons outside their coffee shop. I go in and notice no prices so I ask, how much is a latte? To my surprise, the barista says that everything was free for the day because they were celebrating their one year anniversary! The balloons outside spelled "Free Coffee" but because of the wind, it was just jibberish. One latte to go please! What a great start. I then wandered into Chelsea market looking for food. I tried these popular tacos from Los Tacos No. 1 and got some vegan sushi from Beyond Sushi for the little one.

A couple of weeks ago, we visited Chelsea Market during the weekend and it was very packed, as usual. I noticed a long line of people waiting for something and I naturally wanted to jump in but due to time restraint, I didn't do it. Dave informed me it was for tacos. Tacos?! I don't love tacos so I wasn't too bummed about missing out. Well, on a week day, there was barely a line. I waited five minutes and was able to order. My credit card was declined so I was distracted with fixing my declined credit card that I missed the instruction from the cashier telling me that I had to give my ticket to the kitchen staff for my order. It was not until I saw others bring their tickets did I realize I needed to do the same in order to be fed. Soon after I handed my ticket, picked flour or corn tacos (the guy said corn was better so I went with corn), choose the garnish, I received my tacos. I ordered the Adomada (marinated pork) and the Carne Asada (beef). Both were very good and I think I could have ate more! I think this is the only time I ever enjoyed tacos. I don't know if it tasted good because I had a day off but I bet it had something to do with it. Food always tastes better when you don't have a toddler to worry about.

Terremoto is a coffee shop that uses single-source, fair trade coffee. Also, all coffees are made in a gold plated coffee machine...Not sure if that changes the taste but if they are willing to invest in it then it must!

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