Tuesday, October 8, 2019

nykeiko travels: A day trip to Valensole

Hi guys! It has been too long since I have had the chance to sit down and write a decent post. In fact, I am forcing myself to because I really want to write something about something and babble on and on! You probably thought that after all this time of inactivity, the blog is dead. Well, it is, but I have full intention of reviving it again one day.  Maybe some time in the near future when I am on maternity leave or when the kids are off to college. Who knows! This was my outlet to post pictures and stories but with Instagram stories, this outlet seemed like too much work. However, unlike Instagram Stories, a blog post kind of stays forever.

What have I been up to? Well, we do still travel. I still shop sample sales but do not report on them except take pictures for Shopdrop app from time to time. We definitely still try out new restaurants but not as much as before for obvious reason(s) (Toddler!). I have been trying new beauty products for sure (my obsession with all kind of oil) and definitely spending a lot more time with family on weekends.

This post will be about our recent trip (July 2019) to the South of France and the short day trip we made to visit Valensole's lavender fields. We went to Aix en Provence for a wedding. We made the hard decision of leaving our toddler at home with my in-laws but this allowed us to have a little more freedom to explore and plan our itinerary on the spot. The only thing on our agenda was a wedding and visiting the renowned lavender fields of Provence.

We reserved our last full day in France to visit outside of Aix and to finally see the lavender fields of my Instagram dreams. That's pretty much all I knew about Provence. Lavender fields and wineries.  I also had no idea that they only bloom in late June/early July so the days we were in the South of France was prime time. We were indeed lucky that our friends planned their wedding during this time :) They didn't even visit the lavender fields so really, it was luck.

We followed the itinerary on this blog as a starting point but by-passed towns/cities we were not interested in due to time constraints. And then this blog for the lavender fields to visit.

All pictures taken from my iphone. I wanted to bring my SLR but we wanted to keep our packing as light as possible. Basically, if husband is not willing to carry it, I won't bring it :)

First stop is the village of Ansouis in Luberon where we took a brisk walk up the hill before more rainfall. We zig zagged up alleyways and even visited a medieval castle.

Dress is from Chicwish

Showers and scattered thunderstoms were forecasted throughout the region. When it was rained upon our arrival to a new destination, we took a nice long nap in our car right before lunch. It was kind of perfect because I was tired for no reason and Dave eventually fell asleep too. We woke up when the rain broke and had lunch in the village of Lourmerin.

We ate at L'insolite and over ordered a little.

Planches Mix Grill Extra Large

Vege gourmade 

Carpaccio de Truffes
Next stop was finally seeing the lavender fields!

Lavender field #1. The first field we stopped at where we took a lot of pictures because I wasn't sure if we would see anything better or not. It wasn't sublime and looked a bit dry. The buzzing bees were concerning and made it really hard for my instagram husband to take decent pictures of me. He basically wanted to run away all the time. 

Lavender field #2. This one was was part of Lavandes Algevin farm. It was also near a patch of sunflower fields where many tourists stopped to take pictures. We skipped it.  No time to butt head with tourists although we did have a little misadventure when we got in the way of a family taking professional pictures in the field.

Lavender field #3.  Our last lavender field stop and then we were ready to head back to Aix. The view just kept getting better and better. The beautiful backdrop was unexpected and there was definitely a lot less people here. I would have ventured further and deeper into the fields but due to the rain earlier that day, the muddy puddles made this difficult.

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