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Hello! This blog is about my life in New York through eating, exploring and shopping lots sample sales. I also like to share pictures from my travels which I hope you will enjoy!

 My name is Hsini. The 'H' is silent so people call me Sin or Sini. I am used to both.
Keiko is my nickname from childhood.

I was born in Taipei, grew up in Montréal and now live in New York. I

I am an avid sample sale shopper and a regular contributor for Racked NY

I am also a contributor for CitizenMag and a food reviewer on Tabelog

What else?

During the day, I am a scientist/lab manager and work with the smartest doctors and scientists I have ever met. The lab keeps my mind challenged and puts my education to good use. After work hours, I take off my lab coat, throw on some heels and New York becomes my oyster. I am constantly stimulated by the numerous happenings around the city; including new restaurants and shop openings; concerts, fashion shows and much more! I try to document everything on my blog. 

I have an adventurous soul and am always looking for something new to experience; however I can also be the total opposite and enjoy lounging at home while watching movies until my eyes feel droopy.

I like to seek and grab opportunities as they come. That is why I live by the motto: "Don't think, just do!". I truly live by it day to day. I used to overthink and miss out on many things. It is still a struggle but "just doing" has brought me to the most incredible places, including New York city.

Not everyone can live in a big city like New York so, here I am sharing everything I see through my eyes, what New York is like (just a bit more glossy and prettified). I also love to travel and experience breathtaking views that may be gone in the near future due to human's incredible force of destroying what is naturally beautiful out there.  I hope through my blog, I can inspire one person or a hundred. Things that may seem mundane on a daily basis can be another person's window to life. This is the power of the internet and we're all in it for the good or the bad.

Please leave your comments or email me. I would love to hear from you!

My email: hsini@nykeiko.com

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and if I remember, I'll pint!

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